Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Can I help you look for books?

Honestly, people. The signs say "All course books are located upstairs, with the exception of Mandy Bonisteel's WOMN 2016, which is located in the Child Abuse section of the store." Please stop going up to the front desk staff with your syllabus and asking where your course books are. Clearly they already have a fucking huge line of people waiting to pay.

It doesn't matter how many signs I make for the store, students will just charge into the store and immediately ask for assistance from staff who are clearly already helping the self-righteous, useless idiot who came before they did.


Top 3 Most Ridiculous Interactions:

*student looks around the store like a lost child*
me: hi, can i help you look for your course books?
student: yah, i'm looking for the graduate history course.
me: ... "THE" graduate history course?...uhhh, do you know the course code?
student: ummm...nooooo...
me: do you know your professor's last name?
student: oh yah, i do! it's bergen.

note: "THE" history grad course? how self-righteous are you??? there is no such thing as "the" history grad course. how am i supposed to help you when disregard the fact that there are many, many other history grad courses at your institution? puh-lease. get your act together and THEN i will help you. oh but wait! if you HAD your act together, you probably could have helped yourself.

*fancy-looking woman in cream-coloured. floor-length fur coat, with matching winter hat*
student: excuse me, i just spent, like, 10 minutes looking for my course books and i still can't find them. (<--- clearly a lie. TEN MINUTES? i saw her walk up the stairs because she was so ridiculously dressed up and no, you were not up here for ten minutes. i hate exaggeraters)
me: oh no, are you looking for WGS 330?
student: yes
me: oh, your professor gave me a different course code, that's why you can't find it. sorry, it's actually under NEW 330. and it's right here *points to the section, which is right next to us*
student: oh. can you actually just grab all of my books for me?
me: ...umm it's just all right here *points to the shelf of her texts*
student: yah, but can you just pile them up for me?
me:'s just all of these books *runs palm across the book shelf*

the student, from what i could tell, was able to get the books herself. i could be totally wrong, but i highly doubt it. i wasn't about to get her books for her while she stood there watching me do it for she eventually got her books herself with no difficulty.

[1] still waiting for it. it's bound to happen soon.

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garconniere said...

uuuugh people are so frustrating!
at the very least, they make for entertaining fodder for your blog.