Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lists make things seem more manageable

- walked to work yesterday morning. houses on euclid between college and harbord are scary and massive
- must write tiny, short stories about firm pressed tofu and mama and spider hunting with baba
- had a frightening conversation with a customer named Jordan about bed bugs. he says i have them. i say i don't.
- went to the gym before work today in liberty village. felt extremely out of place amongst the fancy, bougie young professionals. worked out on a machine that had a TV screen attached to it. the condos in liberty village make me both envious and disgusted.
- walking to work has allowed me to discover new places in the city, which is always refreshing and exciting
- have come to the conclusion that the twenty-third year of my life, so far, has been the biggest turn point/year. will hopefully look back one day and think, "ahhh yes, when i was twenty-three...so glad and proud of myself for dealing with my shit in a brave way."
- five manageable goals for the day: [1] finish and send off important email [2] go to the gym [3] bike to work [4] dinner with julia, morgan, carmen and carmelle [5] phone date
- it's scary when making lists become difficult for someone who lived off of making lists.

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